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What are the Stars Trying to Tell Us?



The day we understand that the planets and the entire Solar System are IN here (Mind) and IN here (Heart), that day, we will change the path of our civilization. We will become the CREATORS we were always meant to be. We will focus our full attention on the STARS and will create things and feelings full of TRUTH, BEAUTY AND KINDNESS, the three attributes of LOVE mentioned by Plato, the old Greek man.

There can be no Love without Knowledge

In the New ERA, there will be two Centers of Consciousness: the Mind and the Heart. And the only way to transform the pain caused by the wound of duality will be LOVE. Love comes from getting to know ourselves deeply and synchronize with the electric waves and heavenly pattern. There can be no Love without Knowledge. Because we were created in the image of God, meaning the image of electric geometric fields full of instruction and information of unity, harmony and beauty, we need to know our Vibratory Design, namely our Birth or Natal Chart and acquire wisdom. This knowledge of the Solar System as an Spiritual One will lead our civilization to peace, love, freedom and creativity. We need to understand that everything in the Universe is interconnected through the instructions set of the morphogenetic fields or plasma filaments that create the webbing that interconnects all of the stars and stellar bodies together.

That pattern of perfection is inside our minds and hearts. Our piece of heaven is inside us ready to interact with other pieces of heaven around us. Moreover, we are the Sky, we are the Solar System, we are Gaia or the Planet Earth. More than belonging to them, we ARE them. We are the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Gaia, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. We are emanation of light, we are understanding and knowledge, we are beauty and harmony, we are nutrition, we are opposing forces, we are expansion and the Mother/Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are inside us. The spiritual essences of the Sun, the Moon and Ether are already inside us. We are Creatures of God made of the Spiritual Essences of Fire, Earth, Air and Water - not in the form we know these elements, but similarly.

Understanding our capacity to CREATE will make us FREE. Mindfulness is the way to transform the electric waves that are ALL OVER the space into whatever we desire for our lives. It is just a matter of understanding that we are made of the same substance of Heaven.

Everything is Constantly Changing and Moving

The Planets up there and inside our minds and hearts are in constant movement, as you know. They dance, making a perfect cyclic pattern. Every now and then, when two planets join at exactly the same point in the Solar System, they form what, in Astrology, is called a “Conjunction”. This implies a tremendous amount of Energy precipitating on the entire system. When this happens, we feel a powerful change in the speed of the atoms of the electric waves surrounding the Earth. The Earth is deeply shaken, our consciousness and physical bodies too. This is strongly felt by us, specially, when certain planets cyclically meet in the Sky, forming a conjunction, or when a planet enters a new area of the Zodiac, as Urano did in the Sign of Taurus in 2018, or during the transition of one Astrological Era into another, like the transition from the Era of Pisces into the Era of Aquarius –periods of 2160 years. Our generation has witnessed this transition process, which started around 40 years ago, and now, in 2020, is standing exactly at the threshold of the New Era.


Around forty years of preparation, similar to a Period of Lent or Quarantine, to purify our vibration systems and getting ready for expansion and quantum leap. This is evolution.

And 2020 is said to be the year of the Great Mutation, the year of the definite entrance in the Era of Aquarius. So we are certainly disturbed. The electrical waves that we are, are speeding as never before. For you to have an idea of what is going on up there in terms of planetary cycles: the last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were together in the sign of Capricorn was in 1723. Saturn and Pluto were together in Capricorn in 1519. However, they meet at the same point every 32 to 36 years, starting cycles of tremendous forces on Earth. Have a look at this dates when these two planets met during the Twentieth Century: 1914, 1947, 1982 and 2020. Go back in history, take some time to google the historical events, and come to your own conclusions. In 2020 they meet in Capricorn in January and in April another planet, Jupiter, join the meeting, expanding whatever was dancing there. By December 21, 2020 we will witness another conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn, which cyclically join every twenty years, but this year they will change elements. After 200 years of meeting in the element earth, they will now meet in the element Aquarius, element Air. That is why this 2020 is called the Year of Mutation. So, we, as mankind, are being penetrated by these vibrational changes and need to respond accordingly.

Those who investigate in Astrology know the information contained in these spiritual substances. We investigate in the electric waves patterns and convey a specific meaning to each substance, to the qualities of each of the zodiac signs, as sacred essences.

In future posts in my Blog and talks in Instagram with my friend Sylvia @americaslovequeen, we will tell you all about the information contained in the waves of Our Solar System Consciousness to be ready to respond with LOVE, AWARENESS, TRUTH, BEAUTY AND KINDNESS.

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Gabriela Ciminieri - Astrología Viva-

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